Constructing a Yorick skeletonΒΆ

Projects are constructed from a skeleton using the yorick construct command.

$ yorick construct eggs
Enter a name for your project.
project_name> spam
Constructing... Done.

$ find .

$ cat
# spam

Insert a readme for spam here.

Instead of being prompted for variables interactively, you can specify them on the command line.

$ yorick construct eggs project_name=spam
Constructing... Done.

Skeletons are stored inside ‘closets’. All of your closets are in the ~/.yorick/ folder.

By default, skeletons are taken from the ‘default closet’, which is located at ~/.yorick/__default__/. (So, the eggs skeleton would be at ~/.yorick/__default__/eggs/.)

To construct a skeleton from a different closet, use the form yorick construct <closet>.<skeleton-name>. For instance, the command yorick construct fred.spam would construct the skeleton located at ~/.yorick/fred/spam/.

To construct a skeleton that is somewhere other than one of the closets in your .yorick directory, use the -p flag to specify a path to it, for example yorick construct -p ~/blah/myskeleton.